Submit an Abstract

Abstract submission for the 2022 IPS meeting is now open!

The deadline for submissions is Oct 14, 2022.

Please format your abstract as described below.

Complete your submission by sending the abstract file (as a Word document) attached to an email to with the subject “IPS 2022 abstract”. You should receive a confirmation within 24-48 h.

We look forward to receiving your work!

Formatting instructions:

  • Please use Arial font 11.
  • Skip one line between title, authors, affiliations, and body of abstract
  • Title font should be bold
  • Body of abstract (without title, authors and affiliations) should not exceed 350 words and should contain sections (i.e., purpose, methods, results, conclusions)
  • When possible, define uncommon abbreviations (ex: mice with skeletal muscle-specific knockout of AMPKalpha1 (i.e., AMPKa1 skmKO)
  • Funding can be listed at the end

The following can be used as a general template for the abstract:

Title, ex: The 2022 Iowa Physiological Society meeting will showcase several interesting talks and abstract presentations

Authors, ex: Charles L. Denver,….

Affiliations (institution, city, state), ex: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Purpose: Provide the background for the study. Methods: Describe critical methodologies used. Results: Outline critical results obtained. Try to provide magnitudes of change, when possible, instead of only saying “increased/decreased”. Conclusions: List the main conclusions derived from the study. Future directions can also be mentioned as appropriate.

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